Township Tour

Experience local culture and cuisine

Our wildly popular Cape Town township tour will enable you to see life from the humble perspective of a vibrant community of warm-hearted local people. Our focus during this exciting tour together will be on exploring the oldest township in Cape Town, called Langa. You will be able to see the way the people of the community of Langa live their day-to-day lives in detail as we get up close and personal on a walking tour through selected areas.

We will meet up with an expert local guide who will teach us all about the exciting history and vibrant heritage of the community of Langa. You will be able to hear his first-hand experiences about the past, and what the plans are to grow and improve their community.

Enjoy the once in a lifetime chance to interact with members of the community of Langa in the cultural centres, and in their homes. In the cultural centres, you will see artwork and beautiful creations by some of the most skilled members of the community. Concluding your exciting day you will get to experience a new side of food by tasting some local cuisine. This includes delicious dishes like mutton potjie, beef stew and pap with tomato relish. The option of tasting a variety of homemade beers will also be on the menu.

Price: R900 pp excluding lunch and drinks.

*We reserve the right to adapt the tour depending on time, weather and wind

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